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Our products range from simple acoustic dampeners to speciality foams and composites available for almost any use in almost any industry. Our products are well suited to the following applications:

  • Acoustic & Thermal
  • Water & Air Filtration
  • Sound Dampening & Blocking
  • Comfort
  • Sealing
  • Special & High

  Our Ethos

We are committed to providing high quality, cost effective and environment friendly services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. We do this by combining our exceptional manufacturing processes and environmentally conscious attitude with our dedicated employees and ongoing commitment to their improvement.


Since entering the technical foam market in 1997 with a single conversion unit in New Delhi. Indica expanded to new locations in Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Gujrat as well as a new footprint in the UK with the Autins Group of companies. Ten years of hard work and with an expanding list of global export agreements and clients, the company has worked its way to establishing a strong presence in key segments around the world.


We love the world. So we strive to minimise our effect on it. With constant improvements to our carbon footprint and environmental performance, we are always in compliance with all green legislations and regulations, and always trying to stay a head of the curve;

  • Optimal utilisation and conservation of natural resources.
  • Enhancing awareness to employees on environmental protection.
  • Encouraging use of reusable packing.


We provide excellent technical solutions through first-rate quality, manufacturing processes, and serviceability and always aim to achieve total customer satisfaction through continual improvement in all aspects of our business. From our materials, products and processes to our employees, business management and client communication. It all comes together to create a better quality product and experience for you.

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